Film Screening: Hamlet : A Reinvention of the Tragedy with Puppets | Yuichi Abe and Harumo Sanazaki


Hamlet : A Reinvention of the Tragedy with Puppets (2016)

With English subtitles

Directed by Yuichi Abe   Adapted by Harumo Sanazaki

IGNCA Auditorium

1st December 5.15 PM

What happens when Hamlet encounters the Japanese Manga/Anime imagination? Ms Harumo Sanazaki, one of the Japanese top manga artists, has created a completely new Hamlet with leading voice actors in Japan. This one-hour film, originally planned as an audio drama, will illuminate how Hamlet can be re-imagined in contemporary Japanese youth culture.


Favourably received at its world premiere in Elsinore, Denmark, in April of 2016, Sanazaki’s Hamlet was enthusiastically applauded by its audience at its Japan premiere at the University of Tsukuba in November.